The Paintings of H. Wesley Wheeler, (518)796-6324 160 Middleboro Rd. East Freetown, MA 02717
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CITY DIVIDED, Oil 30x40, $3,600.00
STORMY, oil, 36x56, $5,500.00
 FEDEX Air to US Collectors Included in pricing

STACKED, Oil, 44x36, $5,500.00 Framed
BLUE PEARS, Oil 54x36,Framed $9,000.00
SAILORS DELIGHT, Oil 36x24, $3000.00
OFF WEST GULF, Oil, 36x24 $2700.00
SECOND MORN Oil, 54x36, $5900.00
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AUGUST AFTERNOON, 40x30, $3800.00
Commissions Accepted
Payment accepted through PAYPAL
PINK, Oil, Framed, 30x20, $2100.00
DAWN TO DUSK, Oil, 36x24, $2700.00
WATER, Oil on Canvas, 30x24, $2200.00
VISTA, Oil on Canvas, 30x24, $2200.00
MELLOW ME, Oil, 45x30, $4,000.00